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Codex - the Voynich Manuscript

Codex - the Voynich Manuscript

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The subject is well known and mysterious: the Voynich manuscript:

In 1912, the antiquarian Wilfrid Voynich acquired a handwritten medieval document written in an unknown script. At first glance it seems inconspicuous; each of the combined parchment pages consists of unique characters and strange-looking, fantastic drawings, the meanings of which have not yet been fully deciphered.
There are countless myths surrounding this work, which has been widely interpreted and yet never deciphered. Who once took the trouble to write this manuscript and why? There is a lot of work and expensive material in this document.
What does the content mean and what are the special and strange illustrations about?
The quality of the writing and the type of illustrations are reminiscent of the penmanship of monks in the Middle Ages. But in what language is the Voynich manuscript written? To date, the manuscript has not been deciphered and therefore remains mysterious.
No other unsolved mystery has provoked so much speculation, and countless experts and scholars have attempted to decipher it since its discovery.
Over the centuries since its supposed creation, individual pages of the manuscript have been lost or perhaps even deliberately removed. Where are these missing pages, or are they lost forever?

It's up to you to find and collect these lost pages of the manuscript and solve the mystery surrounding the mysterious manuscript. In this game you go on an adventurous journey to the 1920s.

You build your own network of informants, and scholars, collectors, and researchers can help you get important information. But they are scattered all over the world and don't just offer to help everyone.
You also hire agents to obtain further information relevant to you. However, there is a catch: the quality of each agent depends on their pay! In addition, almost every agent is available for sale and may be willing to sell their knowledge to your competitors for a corresponding sum!
For your mission, you and your agents use the usual means of transport such as the automobile, the train, the zeppelin and the ocean liner. You discover new and mysterious places, archives, collections and secret hiding places and meet interesting people who may be able to help you. But be careful, not every informant is so careful with the truth and could spread fake news. Who can you trust, what information is real?

It's about fame, honor, power and money. Who is the first person who can solve the mystery of the mysterious handwriting?
Who can't escape the spell of the scriptures and becomes a fanatic, even falling for the Vodoo magic?

A connoisseur game for explorers and adventurers, with extensive features:

1 instruction

1 storybook

32 agent meeples

8 player meeples

40 coins

25 glyph tokens

1 bag

20 city maps

40 travel tickets

4 route plans

6 character boards

160 character cards

60 location maps

60 destination cards


Coming soon to Kickstarter.

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