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Codex - the Voynich Manuscript

Codex - the Voynich Manuscript

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ANDin Connoisseur game for Explorer and adventurer.

The Theme is known and always still mysterious: the Voynich book. 1912 by Wilfried Voynich discovered, is is until today not decrypted! The little medieval A book appears unobtrusive, but is consists out of unique characters as well as fantastic and strange drawings.
Is gives countless Mythen one this A book. Who has itself the Effort made, this Content before so longer Time in this very good Quality to write?
Why became this mysterious medieval Code in one Writing written, the us always still foreign is?
Was means the Contents and was has is with the peculiar Illustrations on yourself? In the run the centuries used to go separate pages of the manuscript lost and miss until today!

Therefore goes is at this one board game:

It's about discovery and Find of Clues, lost Manuscript pages, artifacts. The goal is to decipher the mysterious book.

You go on one adventurous Travel, back in the 1920er and 1930er Years, you are traveling for your mission with the at that time usual means of transport How to the Zeppelin and to the Ocean liner. You have a good network and know the best scholars the qualified are, the Voynich manuscript to decipher, but she are above the entire World scattered!
You really want to the missing pages find, one the little mysterious A book to to complete, and that's why you travel to Museums, Libraries and private Book collections. You discover mysterious places and Hideaways as well as Interesting People, the for you useful be can or also not. You commission Agents an the main locationsto get more information and to unmask spies.
Is goes one Fame, Honor and Power. Whom can of trust? How far want of go, one the Secret of the Voynich manuscript to ventilate? Are of the First, the with it an the Press goes?
Naturally you are not alone, because there are some Opponent, the similar Goals have. With duncle and occult Intentions attempt your opponents, the Goal before to reach you - whatever the cost...

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