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Mops Tarot Deck / German Version

Mops Tarot Deck / German Version

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The Mops Tarot is our bestseller.

The Pug Tarot Deck offers a unique interpretation of the Tarot classic Rider-Waite, enriched with mystical pug illustrations that deliver humorous reimaginations of well-known symbolisms. With its exquisite combination of style and wit, it is the ideal tarot set for anyone who wants a special, entertaining experience.
The well-known symbols have been changed dog friendly, the meaning remains unchanged. In addition, other special interpretation techniques that we have developed specifically for the Pug Tarot can be used. The Pug Tarot cards can be questioned e. g. with the bowl, the paw or with the decision of the unicorn. Included is a small full-colour manual with 96 pages.
The pug tarot is available everywhere in bookstores, with orders directly here in the publisher there are two large tarot postcards free of charge.

This is the German version.

Customer Reviews

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Stefanie Gemählich
Sehr nette Idee

Ein Mops Tarot, ich war sofort begeistert, als ich bei Recherche nach dem literarischen Mopskalender auch das Tarot entdeckte. Sehr charakteristisch, besonders der "Narr" ist absolut perfekt getroffen :-).

Vielen Dank!

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