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Bark Manor House, German/English edition

Bark Manor House, German/English edition

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Bark Manor House / Home of Bed Pugs
It's evening and you're driving your old car and you're lost. Your cell phone is almost dead and has no reception, the tank shows reserve...
a thunderstorm is coming. You remember an old wooden sign on the way here that was on the side of the road and it said something about a hotel. So you drive back, and after a while you spot this sign, grown into an enchanted hedge and the now weathered letters are barely legible:
Hotel Bark Manor House.
You're in luck because it's open and there's still a room available.
But little do you know that this is going to be the most restless night of nights!

Your room is on the top floor, and with a very old bed and some paintings on the walls, it exudes the splendor of days gone by.
Exhausted, you fall onto the soft four-poster bed and immediately fall into a deep sleep while a violent thunderstorm is brewing outside. When you wake up it is midnight. Bright flashes bathe the room in white light at short intervals, and heavy rain lashes against the big old window. This bad weather has probably woken you up and you're curling up again. But there is something else.
Strange noises - breathing and snoring, stumbling and snorting - fill the old room. You suddenly realize that you are not alone!
You feel something in your bed, something small and heavy! It's slowly moving towards your pillow! Then you feel something different on your feet, on your knee!
You hear a loud licking noise and frantically turn on the small bedside lamp next to your bed. Now you see them: They come from all sides and are becoming more and more: Pugs! Everywhere in bed! Where the hell do they all come from?

There are more and more of them and you are looking for a solution to get rid of the little clingy dogs! You lift them out of bed and put them on the floor, but they immediately jump back onto your bed. You try to call the hotel receptionist in the middle of the night, but no one is available. The pugs happily jump around on your blanket and rub their faces on your pillow, they throw themselves on their backs and yap! You have to somehow get these cheeky furry friends out of your bed because you are tired and desperately need sleep.
Wasn't there another guest in the next room? You could lure the pugs there...
Board game 2 - 4 people, German/English edition, ages 12 and up.

1 bilingual game manual / 1 dog house dice tower /  
4 player meeples

Game board pieces:

12 double-sided hotel rooms
1 level time board, double layer board
6 different rooms
6 beds
2 pug dice / 1 dice / 24 scoring dice
48 game pieces / 200 cards

Be there Kickstarter.

Who are the little main characters in this game?

Sheila, Caspar, Siegfried, Daisy, Hamlet, Mortimer, Edgar, Maddox, Ruby, Odin, Quentin,  Sherlock, Otis, Caspar, Theodor, Apollo, Rose, Cleo, Lancelot, Merlin, Holly&Henry, Apollo, Verus, Pius, Marvin, Molly, Paul&Poppy, Lennox&Lucinda, Bubble, Oscar&Olga ...

Of course, each of the little furry friends has their own characteristics and preferences. If you know this, you have a good chance of a restful night.


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