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Pug Tarot Deck

Pug Tarot Deck

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The Pug Tarot is the english version of the Mops Tarot.

The Pug Tarot is our bestseller and has been published here in English. Our Tarot Pugs are in use worldwide! The well-known card game is based on the Raider-Waite deck with its illustrations and symbolism. The symbols have been changed dog-friendly, but the expressiveness remains unchanged. In addition, you can use special laying techniques for interpretation, which we have developed especially for the Pug Tarot. The pug tarot cards can be questioned, for example, with the bowl, the paw or with the decision of the unicorn. Included in the package is a small manual, which has a table of contents on 96 pages, an introduction and a page for each individual card, with the respective keywords, as well as the special laying techniques. The manual is printed in full colour.
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