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More news: our project on Kickstarter is now online, but not live yet. This means you can sign up on Kickstarter and get informed when it starts. That will be on February 17. We appreciate any support so that two truly fantastic sets can be brought to life! But that's not all: there is a great stretch goal for every backer - if the project is successful: a noble Pug Tarot Journal! And plus miniature pug tarot stickers😍- all cards!



Mops Tarot Decks, in Englisch und Deutsch. Dazu passend Erweiterungssets und Tagebücher. 

  • Pug Tarot Rattle!

    Get your own deck!
    All you have to do is write a comment on Instagram. Why do you absolutely want this puggy deck? On February 10th our pug Rufus will determine the winner by paw! Click here for the competition. Good luck!🍀
  • International Shipping

    You want to save shipping costs? Then order two Pug Tarot decks - at the same rate! Either you share the costs or have a nice gift😀!
  • Pug Tarot Journal

    Look forward to the Pug Tarot Journal! The first edition is a noble hardcover with ribbons, beautifully designed and with a special extra: mini tarot stickers😍. All cards are available as miniature stickers to stick in the book. However, there is a catch: This journal is related to our Kickstarter campaign, which starts on February 17th.