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Pug Tarot EXPANSION Deck / English Version

Pug Tarot EXPANSION Deck / English Version

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20 new pug tarot cards with hand-drawn large arcana and detailed instructions explaining the new tarot cards as well as a pretty velvet pouch with colourful print.

The lovingly illustrated cards are once again inspired by the style of the Rider-Waite Tarot and refined with pugs. Each card is designed according to the classic symbols of antiquity and religions with corresponding symbolism:

The White Pug Unicorn, card of intuition
The Pug Fountain, card of deception
The Quest, card of the inner journey    
The Island, card of independence
The Guardian, card of attention    
The Ark, card of temptation    
The Obelisk, map of possibilities    
The Barque, card of farewell
The Gentleness, card of virtues
The Scribe, card of the arts    
The Sphinx, card of secrets    
The Golem, card of dependence    
The Bell, card of news
The Favour, card of support    
The Pug Sea, card of trust
The Constancy, card of being
The Gate, card of encounter
The Light, card of cognition
The Herald, card of events
The Grotto, card of unfolding

The backs of the cards are identical to those of the Pug Tarot, so that they can be shuffled.

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So cute!

This expansion is simply cute and integrates wonderfully into my pug tarot!

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