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Pug Tarot EXPANSION Deck / English Version

Pug Tarot EXPANSION Deck / English Version

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Important: this deck was brought to life with the help of our Kickstarter backers. 
20 new Pug Tarot Cards with hand-drawn huge Arcane and one detailed Instructions, the the new Pug Tarot Cards explained.

The lovingly illustrated Illustrations are anew in the Style of the Rider-Waite Tarot inspired and naturally with Möpsen refined. Every Map is after the classic Symbols the Antiquity and Religions with more appropriate symbolism designed.

The Backs the cards are identical with those of the Mops Tarot, so that she under your Mops Tarot mixed become can :).
Extra: With this one Deck comes a pretty velvet bag for at cards.
Currently is theses Deck available for pre-order and expected with us End 2023 available.
This version is in English.

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