This Pug-Tarot-Deck is the English edition of our German Mops Tarot:

A 78-card Tarot-Deck with 2 new unique Major-Pug-Arkana. We use

high-quality 350gsm cardboard, which is considered the most durable for playing cards. The Deck will come in a bottom lid box, with a fullcoloured

96-page guide featuring interpretations and keywords for each card - in English. The Pug-Tarot-Deck follows the structure of the classic Rider-Waite-Deck and the classical suits are represented by Sticks, Bowls, Bones and Sausages. Each card is hand-drawn and adjusted digitally.

These cards are based on the classic Raider-Waite Tarot deck. A special feature of this game is – besides the pug illustrations – two additional cards which are called  “The Loyalty” and “The Unicorn”. We also developed special Pug Tarot spreads for your interpretation.


ISBN 978-3-981868289