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Advance notice on Kickstarter: The Pug Tarot Expansion Set

Advance notice on Kickstarter: The Pug Tarot Expansion Set

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The large Pug Tarot extension set includes
👉🏻a box with 20 new tarot cards with hand-drawn large arcane as well as a detailed manual in which the new Pug Tarot cards and new spreads are explained in detail. The illustrations are again based on the style of the Rider-Waite Tarot and of course again refined with Pugs. Each card is designed based on the classical symbols of antiquity and religions with corresponding symbolism. The backs of the cards are identical to those of the Pug Tarot, so they can be mixed inconspicuously into your Pug Tarot :).

👉🏻a box with 48 pug archetype cards and a small manual in which the cards are described and explained in detail, as well as new laying techniques in combination lays.

Our new pug archetype cards are based on the archetype theory of psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and are really something special. To define these twelve personality types, C. G. Jung studied the symbols and myths of many different cultures. These archetypes represent patterns of behavior that make up different forms of being. We have united this deep symbolism of archetypes on each map. For each of the 12 archetypes we have developed 4 variants, which affect the respective character through influences of the 12 zodiac signs.
All zodiac signs of the 12 zodiac signs connect 4 times with the 12 archetypes.
The Pug Archetype cards complement the Pug Tarot and allow for more accurate and deeper interpretation in Tarot card readings!
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