Pug&Duck this is the independent nonbook publisher with pugs and ducks. Our creative think tank based in Ludwigslust produces games, calendars and many other beautiful products. The publishing house was founded in 2019 and to this day - 2023 - we have already published many beautiful products. Our focus is the nonbook area, i. e. everything except books, with a few exceptions. Our product range is constantly being optimized, and thanks to high demand we develop many more beautiful things.

Our articles, which stand out from the mainstream in terms of content and appearance, are simply meant to bring fun and joy. An assignment that is gaining in importance especially in these times. Humour, extraordinary illustrations and selected content are what stand out from the diverse crowd.

In all our products, we pay attention to sustainable production, which is part of our publishing philosophy. This includes, for example, organic printing inks based on vegetable oil, exclusively certified recycled paper and consistent use of green electricity from renewable energies. In addition to the raw materials, we also carefully select our producers, and when it comes to packaging, we pay attention to appropriate sustainability.

Our growing team works every day with many creative ideas on the creation of new products, so stay tuned!